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Boxes and storage products

At our factories in Bedford, we design and manufacture boxes and storage products from start to finish. Over the years, we have built up the world's largest collection of archival box styles and sizes. Whatever your needs we can provide the solution, from the supply of large quantities through to one-off Smart Boxes’ using state-of-the-art CXD/Kasemake box-making CAD technology.

Paper, boards and materials

Papers and boards are made to exacting CXD standards and our extensive range has something for everyone, from high quality museum mounting boards to storage and repair papers. We also source the finest Japanese and European handmade papers.

The long-term survival of many highly sensitive objects can be greatly enhanced by the removal of oxygen and other corrosive elements. CXD was one of the first archival companies to respond to the needs of conservators by stocking materials and related equipment for anoxic storage, display and treatments. Another product we promote is the revolutionary patented Corrosion Intercept® which uses cutting-edge semi-conductor science and technology to transform plastic into a protective, reactive barrier against corrosive gasses, fungus and bacteria.

Conservation equipment

CXD offers an extensive range of specialist conservation equipment for libraries, archives, museums and galleries - from large mobile, automatic book cleaning machines to portable hand held HEPA vacuum cleaners. We can also provide equipment to assist with emergency planning and disaster recovery.

Storage and workshop furniture

CXD's trusted reputation for well designed and manufactured products also extends to our range of furniture. The Planorama’ is a unique, anodized aluminium drawer storage and display system. Each unit is custom designed and hand built in almost any size and configuration at our Bedford engineering works.

In addition, CXD can supply bespoke and standard designs from selected high quality manufacturers. The range includes drawers, cabinets, plan chests, mobile shelving, racking, picture storage, benches, light boxes and sinks.

Museum Showcases

Since first offering conservation grade showcases in the UK and Irish markets in 1995 CXD have completed a large number of prestigious projects. True craftsmanship ensures that single showcases are given the same care and attention as large installations, which include National Museums Liverpool and Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery in Glasgow. Conservation By Design Limited ensure that from initial enquiry through to completion a project is delivered that meets or exceeds client expectations through understanding of conservation requirements and creative engineering.

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